Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Exceptional Customer Service...

Customer service seems to have become an outdated policy. So many times we often forget who the customer is. 

Unfortunately with the litigious society that we have become it is more difficult to tow the "customer is always right" line, but it does not do away with common decency and respect. 

Moving can be a stressful, even frightening time. Whether it is to a new home, a new job, just across the city, or cross country, it is scary. Trusting a moving company to pack your valuables, whether monetary or sentimental is a major part of this stress.

We recognize you are the customer, the boss, and the one who is paying. We try to look at it as we are working together for a common goal which is to move you home. You just pay for our experience and knowledge of how to move you efficiently. 

Do not be fooled by a slogan or fancy ad with promises that cannot be kept. You do not want to talk to a computer, or even someone in another state. 

At Earl's Moving Company, your expectations are met, receiving the services you need, no surprises. Have an experience that will have you telling people "moving is not that bad".

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