Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Need Storage?

Whatever your circumstances are, perhaps you find yourself in need of storing some or all of your possessions, either temporarily or long term. There are a few tips that Earl's Moving can share with you.  

First decide whether you will be storing for short or long term. Be honest with yourself on this because if not, it can cost more money and stress than necessary. Secondly determine whether you need temperature control or regular storage. If you have real wood furniture or leather you will need temperature controlled because the damage avoided will justify the cost. Determine if you need a storage unit or a portable storage container.

Whether storing short or long term here are three hints to keep in mind. 

  • Be sure to have plenty of pads, blankets, towels, etc. to protect your furniture as you stack on top of it. The moving company may provide them for a small charge if it is for short term. It is best to call ahead to reserve them. 
  • If you do your own packing, place valuables in a box with plenty of protection around it and mark the box well to ensure it goes on top. Any packing materials and boxes are available for purchase from Earl's Moving.
  • Know the length of time you will need storage. It may cost you considerably more to store these items than it would to replace them. Only store what cannot be replaced if  it will be for an extended amount of time. 
Click here for more information on storage. 

Remember your things are only "things.". What we have on earth we cannot take with us. If they cost us peace of mind or keep us from focusing on what really matters it has already cost us too much. 

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